Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lotus Entertainment?

In the local DJ industry, there lacks a company that truly identifies with the youth and younger culture. We have come across many students who complain that the DJs that spin at their dances don�t play the music that they want to hear, or that they�re �cheesy�. It was the same way many of us felt at our own schools, clubs and private functions. Many of the DJs from the already established companies came across as �corporate DJs� or �cookie-cutter DJs� where many of them only know how to play songs from CDs or ipod's. But there is more to being a DJ than just being able to play song after song, the techniques and skills of fading, blending, mixing and scratching are anart that these corporate DJs lack. In other words, the artform of TURNTABLISM is the key ingredient to Lotus Entertainment.
Lotus Entertainment fills this need for a more modern and talented DJ company. We can identify with the youth of today because we are the youth. Lotus Entertainment is composed of members from both Generation X and the Wired Generation. We don�t just play music as our job, it�s our life!
Lotus Entertainment is the brainchild of a couple friends who share a deep love and passion for music. What started out as an idea to get gigs at local college fraternities bloomed into a full on attack as to how to revolutionize and change how DJ companies are run. Randy Russell aka DJ Russell Zack Johnson aka ZJ are the core of the L.E dream team.
Not only does Lotus Entertainment provide the highest quality in DJ services but is also offering DJing and Urban music production lessons on all levels. Ever want to learn how to mix, scratch, or make beats live? The areas best dj's and producers share their knowledge and wisdom behind the art of Turntablism and Music Production. Our music studio called THE LAB is now up and running located on 19 church st #7 Burlington,VT For more information or details on how to sign up call our office at 802.863.8500 or email!

And in case your wondering....(thank you Rikki!)
The company takes its name and inspiration from the lotus flower. The lotus flower symbolizes the true soul of an individual, and represents the metamorphosis that the soul goes through. It rises from the depths of the mud through the murky waters of experience, and blossoms under the sunshine of enlightenment high above the water. The soul of our company is young and coming from the underground. We are pushing our way through the competition and with the support and dedication of our extended family we are parting the waters of experience to bloom into a fully developed and enlightened company.

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