Friday, June 27, 2008

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If Al Pacino’s legendary Scarface character Tony Montana was a) not fictional and b) going to throw a party in Burlington, I’m guessing he’d a) hook up with local party mavens Lotus Entertainment and b) throw down on a boat. Though Montana exists only in celluloid and on cheesy T-shirts from Spencer’s Gifts, his maverick spirit and taste for the good life is very real — indeed, living on in the hearts and minds of anyone who loves to get messed up and shoot stuff. And who doesn’t, really?

This Friday, with the help of DJs A-Dog, Fattie B and J2, the boys from Lotus are commandeering the stately Spirit of Ethan Allen III to host “The World Is Yours: A Scarface Themed Party.” The idea is pretty simple: Dress to the nines and party like a 1980s drug kingpin on a boat — minus the nose candy, of course. There is a pre-party at Rasputin’s providing free shuttle service to the boat, which departs promptly at 10 p.m. Oh, and leave your “little friends” at home.

Tickets are available at or at Steez Clothing on Church Street in Burlington.
-Dan Bolles

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